AirTime - Canada Cup 2010

AirTime being used at Canada Cup July 2010

Note the screen clears when the judge clicks 'start' (0:26) during the 1st skill. All 10 skills time-of-flight are recorded and shown on the bar graph as the data is gathered.

At the end of the routine, a 'save' dialog box appears allowing the judge to record the gathered data and flash the score on a remote monitor facing the trampolines.

Video 1

Video 2

AirTime being used at Canada Cup July 2010

Notice as the data is gathered, the bars display the time-of-flight. You can easily see that the athletes height varies during the routine. This is very helpful in the training gym for both the athlete and coach to visualize the routine and also to help build a routine that can maintain height throughout all 10 skills.

Note: For best viewing, select 720HD mode.