AirTime Trampoline System

AirTime is a high performance timing system used in the measurement and recording of 'Jump' data for both individual and synchro routines in the sport of competitive trampoline.

AirTime was initially designed as a training aid to help coaches and athletes achieve maximum height using realtime feedback.  It has since developed into a full featured training tool valuable to coaches and athletes alike.

In Competition, AirTime provides precise Time-of-Flight scoring for individual routines as well as synchronization scoring for pairs in accordance with the new FIG code of points announced June 2010.

Extract of the FIG Council Official News published on May 15, 2010:

“Also formalised was the concept of flight time, which will be factored into the scoring system for Trampoline competitions. The measure will come into force on January 1, 2011.”


In Training :

  • Add all your athletes to the database.
  • Create routines for your athletes using FIG codes or by skill name.
  • Save and recall unlimited jump data for every Athlete and Routine.
  • Set a target value of AirTime or Height to attain and watch as your athlete exceeds this on an optional monitor of their values with colour changing values.

In Competitions :

  • Gather jump information during routines, calculate and display the Time-of-Flight and Synchro scores in accordance with the new FIG code of points.
  • Using optional monitors, 'FLASH' the TIME-OF-FLIGHT and SYNCHRO scores on the judges panel.
  • Load competition start lists from several scoring programs.
  • Save athlete performance data into the database and into a tab delimited file capable of import into excel etc.


  • Better than 1 mSec. data gathering resolution.
  • Industrial 24VDC sensors.
  • The standard system comes with 2 sensors on each Trampoline to measure the athletes Time-of-Flight.
                Note: An optional 3rd sensor must be added to each trampoline when the system is to be used in FIG sanctioned events.
  • Power supply option for US, UK, Australian & European plug styles.
  • USB computer interface.


  • Windows 10, 8, 7 compatible.     
  • Monitors both Individual and Synchro trampoline routines.
  • Modular licensing
    • Single (Individual) trampoline
    • Dual (Synchro) trampoline
    • Video capture/playback
  • Complies with new FIG 'Time of Flight' scoring criteria
    • Individual routines............ Time-of-Flight
    • Synchro routines................ Synchro deduction score & Time-of-Flight


  • Laptop  / Desktop computer running Windows XP (SP3) or Windows 7.
  • One Available USB port
  • Sufficient memory to run above operating system
  • 15MB hard disk space *Additional disk space is required when the video module is installed.


  • IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port for video
  • USB 2.0 port for video
  • Additional hard disk space for video storage